the nullifying by place

In the first post ‘a beginning’ I showed pictures of a performance for ‘Environmetal Utterance’ at Falmouth University in a large purpose built theatre/performance space. A previous, less formal, performance of this piece was presented at ‘Poetry in Process’ at Mater Dei in Dublin. The space there was a small lecture theatre where the seats  were stacked or sloped creating the illusion of claustrophobia, the technology I had wouldn’t work with the projection set up so images of process were shown on my mac while previously uploaded images of the performance could be seen via the web, the sound from my nano plus small speakers reached everyone and some images on paper, 6×4, with random extracts from the process of making the original ‘abair‘ were handed out to the audience.  I had prepared some of the same material for this performance in Falmouth, but the space was too large to allow the intimacy of the poetics I was presenting via various hand held or mobile devices such as phone, nano or even sound from my mac. The chairs receded into darkness compared to the brightness of Mater Dei’s room, the informal response at Mater Dei to the impossibility of revisiting a performance had become a principal resistance of this piece, the Mater Dei piece cramped movement and the falmouth space invited it, the display of materials as in the original ‘abair‘ on the floor was restricted in Mater Dei and available in Falmouth but the bigger space demanded a focus that in the end pushed out the distribution of small images with potential poetics on the back, the larger space made more demand of movement and less of interaction, more demand for internal focus and less for external communication. The following are images from Mater Dei which was its own resistance and demand.

Materials 1memory slip materials 2Materials 3


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